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One of a Kind

I have a baby picture of my husband in my bedroom and I look at it every day. He was so cute! I wonder at the miracle of life and how that little baby boy grew up to be my wonderful husband. When I proposed this challenge, I was certain I would do a portrait of my husband to depict the wonderment of human development.

But then I started thinking, it’s not just wondrous how children grow and change, it is also miraculous that each person is one of a kind. In the estimated 7.6 billion humans on this planet, each is unique. Even identical twins are not identical.

That boggles my mind. So, rather than a portrait, I sought to create a statement of individuality. Since we are each part of a larger whole, I also wanted to allude to similarity. We are unique and yet we share characteristics with others. And somehow, we are all woven together on this living planet.

“One of a Kind” is created from cotton fabrics using machine applique. The shapes represent our similarities, color creates individuality and the stitching indicates the connectedness of our lives.

I wonder if we could utilize our individual strengths while recognizing our similarities and work toward a life that is good for all mankind.

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