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If Only...

Having recently suffered a bicycle accident that left me in the hospital for several weeks, foremost in my mind is the irreversibility of the moment I went over my handlebars. If only I could reverse it all...but I can’t rewind time, I can’t reverse my decision to hit the brakes at that instant and I can’t change the resulting injuries.

What I can do, is be grateful it wasn't worse.

Beyond my immediate situation, I think of the irreversibility of time, aging, depletion of natural resources, decay. I don’t know why my mind gravitates to irreversible negative things. Perhaps because I believe so strongly in the power of personal choice and our ability to overcome insurmountable obstacles. When I think of irreversibility, I feel powerless.

But there are also positive things that cannot be reversed: birth, growth, transformation. I think of children, plants and butterflies. Both the positive and negative interpretations of irreversibility evoke strong emotions in me and I look forward to exploring these in fabric.

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