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The Ledges, 1925

The Ledges, 1925 ©2019 36" x 24"

The timing of Kate's "Generation" challenge caught me in the midst of reflecting on my family's roots and wading through boxes of family history. I came across this photo again of my mother in her mother's arms with their flock of chickens. I just love this picture.

The photo was taken at my great-grandparents' home in 1925 - based on my mother's size, in Prospect, CT. It was known as The Ledges and was also my mother's birthplace. The home was no longer in the family by the time I was born, but I've wandered up the drive and around the property a several times in the past couple of decades. It's interesting to recognize the places from photos of ancestors walking and playing with pets and picnicking on the property. People long gone. Their spirits linger and comfort me. No words for it....just a feeling.

This piece has bits of many generations. The background was a baby quilt I "inherited" when my twin sons were born. It was well worn at that time as I am guessing it was probably my oldest brother's as a baby. The fabrics look like 30's or 40's, and when I dismembered it for the quilt there were old flannel clothes inside - probably somebody's old pajamas (right side of photo below).

I covered the old quilt top with a piece of silk organza I'd painted in blues and greens. I quilted the whole piece with dark variegated thread before I added the raw-edge appliquéd figures. They are mostly commercial prints and hand dyed fabrics, but the cuffs on my mom's shirt were made from bits of these old sleeves (below) from one of my grandmother's dresses. Little bits from many generations.....

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