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Color Saturation: India

Flower garlands at the Flower Market

Flower garlands for special occasions, strung at the Flower Market

Of all the places I have traveled, India takes color to a new level. It's everywhere, translated in food and flowers and clothes and celebrations. In every way, it was a privilege to witness life's comings and goings and to share in the warm generosity extended there.

The light of early morning as festival decorations are assembled

Glorious silks and cottons

Colorful cakes and treats featuring lots of fruits and nuts

Sidewalk stalls filled with flowers and the wonderful scent of jasmine buds

Leggings and scarves in every color

Colored powders to use in celebrating Holi - the Hindu Festival of Colors, a welcome for Spring

Making use of those powders.....

Beautiful (and delicious) fruits!

Miles of flower garlands at the Flower Market

Celebrating Holi with flower petals

Some of my favorite colors

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