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Invisible Power

Wind is fascinating to me. I am in awe of its power, how it moves as temperatures change, how it creates swells and waves in the ocean. It seems ironic to me that wind is invisible and yet its presence is visible: a breeze that catches a lock of hair, leaves rustling against each other, whitecaps on a bay.

There is even a website called windfinder.

windfinder website

And then there is the concept of solar wind: charged particles that flow out of the sun. The diagram below is from NASA’s website and it depicts conditions observed by NASA's Cassini spacecraft during a flyby in Dec. 2013. At that time Saturn's magnetosphere was highly compressed, exposing Saturn’s moon Titan to the full force of the solar wind.

Solar wind hitting Saturn's moon

There are so many possibilities for this challenge, I am excited to see where they lead.

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