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My Generation #3: LOHAS

Flowers are scattered by the winds, just like my no-longer-young self. Keeping such a unique gesture and charm, living a happy life, and being happiness and at ease, it is the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) generation.

In the second half of life, I am looking for a happy self living LOHAS. Care less about how others see you, but think more about how to live a meaningful life. Try to create a LOHAS environment, upgrade the living conditions, and turn your hobby into a career. Loving the Earth, caring about the ecology, and stepping out of your comfort zone to serve people are not only a dream of living LOHAS but also a brand new motive of life. Thank you, Misik, for the prompt. Best wishes to everyone!

Materials: recycled fabrics, chiffon, silk, hand-dyed fabrics, commercial cottons, gauze, beads, sequin, Romanian thread, embroidery floss

Techniques: 100% hand stitched (pieced, appliquéd, quilted)

Size: 57" H x 41" W

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