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Enjoy the Freedom

by Lin Hsin-Chen

My personal theme for A New World is Observation. I want to make some changes, and I wish to observe myself and my family members more. I will challenge myself to create a brand new series of 6 works.

It's a quilt that I completed in March 2020. The rubbing of Chinese characters was from a door panel that I saw during a visit to China with Sue Dennis and Mary Pal. It depicts that I have too many unknowns to learn about people, things, and the environment, and therefore I used a lot of red colors and hollow flowers on it.

In the next 18 months after March 2021, I will try to bring back the vitality for the hollow flowers, give myself new learning experiences, inject living water and see more interesting and new things. Exploration makes me happy. I won't give up but keep going! I look forward to creating 6 quilts in the next 18 months! I wish you all health and happiness.


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