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Heatwave - by Lin Hsin-Chen

The planet is sick! The cyclical warming climate continues to expand. What do the warning signs of global warming and pandemic mean to us? Human beings are threatened by wars and climate disasters. Terrifying unknowns are increasing in every aspect, affecting the global economy, food supply chains, and natural ecology. Fear in the global village is spreading like a butterfly effect.

The principle of survival of the fittest should focus on respect and protection! The flowering period of Poinciana is abnormal. Plants know it a long time ago that they might not see flowers bloom and fall. Bees are gone! They know a living crisis is coming! Due to the indeterminate flowering period and ecological deterioration, species are in danger of extinction.

Dear friends, is everything okay? Such greetings are the daily routine during the pandemic, meaning your self-protection is appropriate, and being safe is a blessing. As a quilter, I stay calm, enjoy being alone to sew the quilt stitch by stitch and pray that the pandemic will subside and everyone will be safe.

Size: W 104 x H 104 (cm) / W 41" x H 41"

Materials: recycled fabrics, commercial fabrics, artist’s dyed fabrics, silk, lace, embroidery floss

Techniques: hand stitched, hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted


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