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Here, Kitty

In my "CONTRAST" series, I've explored contrast of scale and light. But this one is more of a contrast in personal creative style. Looking back on the last dozen or so quilts I've done, I see a lot of shiny metal, machinery, and inanimate objects. "Kitty" is a complete departure from that trend. I loved working with warm muted colors and soft shapes, imagining a living thing instead of a cold machine. I kept the number of pieces to a minimum, and the quilting stitches were more about creating texture than adding intricate details. On a personal note, I've never been that interested in cats even for pet portraits, so this was a fun change.

The quilt itself is made of hand dyed cotton fabric and poly thread. Hand cut pieces, raw edge applique, hand guided machine stitching

Finished size 40 x 20 in

Kitty 40x20in by Kate Themel


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