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Jammed @2021, 42" x 24"

My theme for the current "New World" series is Wander and wandering is precisely what I have been doing. "Jammed" feels like a piece that has been guided by the pandemic into areas of uncertainty without a plan. I've tried to let go, to explore new ways of creating, and to live in the moment and just have faith that it will all come together, somehow.

The piece started as an experiment I did with a grid I'd drawn in Procreate. I blew it up huge and my lines became wiggly and wonky - which I liked. Next step was to divide the overall pattern in to segments and cut vinyl stencils with a Brother Scan n' Cut. I painted white light-weight linen with Dynaflow and sun printed each of the 12 piece grid. Finally I assembled them like the one below.

Next step was to add batting and a back and stitch them together, first by machine, and them by hand along the gridlines with Perle cotton.....a long and meditative process!

Next I started to add and add and add and add felted wool in bits and pieces.....


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