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Set Off to Explore - by Lin Hsin-Chen

I don't know if everyone is the same, but every time I pack my bags, there are always new discoveries.

When I was preparing to create this work, I found a lot of unexpected fabrics, such as travel purchases, friends' exchanges, and those long-forgotten ones. I used the discovered fabrics that inspired me in the quilt. It feels like magic to keep myself focusing on the fabrics and explore the delightful process of creating. It's so much fun!

Size: W 107 x H 107 (cm) / W 42" x H 42"

Materials: recycled curtain fabrics, printmaking wiping fabrics, satin, silk, recycled cotton prints, artist's dyed fabrics, commercial cotton prints, embroidery floss, knitting yarn, beads

Techniques: hand stitched, hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted


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