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Start at the Beginning

By Lisa-Marie Sanders

In my series Evolution, I hope to explore different approaches to my art. My work is often representational; for now, however, I am trying to simplify my design and construction in order to communicate more with less. I find myself leaning toward abstract design using basic lines and shapes.

I have several leather journals handmade by a friend. They are scattered around the house and I pick them up to doodle whenever I feel inspired or need to be distracted. My primitive sketches often form the basis for design or stitching on my quilts.

For this series I’m also considering a monochromatic theme. This led me to the quilt store to buy large quantities of black and white fabric. The store owner was surprised at how much fabric I purchased and she asked me what I planned to do with it. “I don’t know.” was my reply, which surprised her even more.

Her typical customers don’t do things that way…

But that’s how I’m proceeding with this cycle: figuring it out as I go versus planning everything in advance. I’m just letting things evolve.


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