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The Happy Wanderer

Following my Personal Viewpoints: Recycle, Renew I am ready to strike out into new, uncharted territory in our newest series, A New World. As meaningful and rewarding as it was working with "sacred clothes" (ie, my mother's wedding dress, my brother's clothes...) it brought with it some real challenges. I was always second guessing; was I doing them justice, honoring them, making it worth the sacrifice, all of which weighed heavily on me throughout the cycle. Now, I am ready to strike out into this New World and renew my soul, reinvigorate my creative yearnings, explore and have fun with my art.

In putting this post together, I thought back on work I had done that was pure whimsy, where I immersed myself in the process and got lost in creating. Two notable (to me :) pieces came to mind - "All Day Sucker" and "NZ Pukeko" both of which evolved from a pile of "stuff" with no destination in mind, about 180º from how I normally work. Playing and letting things evolve, was so much fun - something there's been a shortage of this past year. So that is where I am heading in my new series "Wander". I am never more happy than when I am wandering, seeing new things and exploring. I am so looking forward to this!


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