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The Unseen

One of the things I'm enjoying from our new way of working which is to choose our own theme to carry through the entire V9 cycle is the ability to visualize an entire body of work from the outset.

My work tends to be all over the place because I'm constantly experimenting, however it's good discipline for me to plan things in a series.

I chose Unseen because the hidden structures of living things can be mined for an infinite variety of compelling visual compositions.

for instance, my friend Carol L. posted this cool picture of........something.............

so I re drew it, and will use this complex shape in one of the pieces.

An ophthalmologist wrote me a few weeks ago and suggested looking into the structures of the human eye, like this.....

and this was the result of re drawing that vascular system.

Both of these basic patterns will be used in multiples on future pieces, stay tuned!


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