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What if there is not gender...

AGENDER by Cecília González, June 2022

This is my first work that reflects on the gender. For a year this issue has been going through our family. This is the time that we began to accompany my adolescent son in his transition.

When I think of A New World, I would like it not to be full of stereotypes that determine how we should be, how we should feel, what we can or cannot do...

The social construction of gender means that half of the world, even in countries with great social rights, is at a disadvantage compared to the other half.

Agender claims a world where this does not happen, where there is no gender to mark some exit boxes with advantages or disadvantages, as the case may be. Where each person can express themselves as they want and as they feel...

Much of this work is made with left over pieces of other quilts. Pieces so pretty I couldn't throw them away. It is a metaphor of how I understand the construction of a person: fitting together small pieces chosen for their value, not for what they should represent.

Size: 40,5" x 74"

Materials: Hand painted and hand dyed silk

Techniques: Machine pieced, free quilting machine, hand emboridered


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