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What's Next?

Although I've made 16(!!) social media posts*** from August 26 through today on making my last Viewpoints piece, it appears that I now need to post again about something else.

***available on Instagram @bbusbyarts

I posted this image as an inspiration at the beginning of the cycle ......

I re drew it, and, in Photoshop, re colored it and digitally placed it on a background of crackled fabric that I had made a few years ago. It's such a pain in the butt do do the crackle technique that I photographed it before I made anything out of it, and now can achieve the effect with much less elbow grease.

I'll send the full composition off to be professionally printed, and use it as the base for stitchwork and appliqué.

The finished piece will be posted here late November- stay tuned!


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