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Why silk

Cecília González - Desedamas

We would like to explain why we work with silk in our creations It was a path that began almost 25 years ago, when we started painting silk in an amateur way. In a short time we became professional and, leaving our jobs, we dedicated ourselves to craftsmanship with this material.

As the material we had more at hand in the atelier was silk, when we considered working in textile art, we did not think about it. As we paint and dye it ourselves, we can always work with our own color palette and create our own designs and prints.

This fabric is a gift from nature. The intensity of the colors in this material is spectacular Imagine this in a textile work! Also the textures, especially when quilting, get some reliefs and shades when the light hits, difficult to achieve with other types of fiber.

Another thing we like about this material is that, because of the way it is painted or dyed, there is no waste of paint or water. It is ecofriendly.

Especially when we started making patchwork and textile art, we discovered all the different types of silk there are. That's when we started researching which silks worked best with sewing and discovered that it's a wide world.


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