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A Little Imagination Goes a Long Way

I really struggled with the "POSSIBILITIES" challenge. It's so all-encompassing, I had no idea where to start. All the what-ifs swirled in my mind, almost to the point where it paralyzed my creativity.

Having an active imagination in this case was almost a curse, so I decided to look for ways it could be a blessing.

I remembered a poem my mother wrote years ago, after watching Luka playing in the backyard. The poem is called "What a Stick Can Do". In the poem, a child's imagination turns a small branch into all kinds of wonderful things.

It seemed like a perfectly fine way to begin, so I created a "stick quilt".

Here's a small excerpt (- What A Stick Can Do by Kathleen O'Brien 2011) "...

Sticks transform to magic wands

for casting spells on unsuspecting toads.

Toss a pinecone in the air and the stick

becomes a baseball bat.

Sticks fit junctures of saplings

whose silver leaves loosened in November winds.

Use your stick to rake the leaf-littered trail

then shuffle through like a train.

Stand on a fallen log;

paddle your pirate ship around moss islands.

Turn the stick into a weapon and sword fight

until the "STOP" order of grown-ups..."

Technical details:

Finished size 18"W x 36"L

hand-dyed fabrics and cotton muslin

hand cut, raw edge applique, hand-guided machine stitching

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