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Man-Made Structures

A wise friend once told me that if you look for evil you can find it everywhere, but if you look for good, you can find IT everywhere. What you see, depends on what you’re looking for. I had to consider that for a while before I realized I agreed.

In discordant times like these, I must remind myself that what I experience is based on what I believe. As humans, we naturally filter out things that don’t agree with our belief system. Consequently, we perceive and reinforce our fundamental premises, often excluding other relevant information. What we believe, we become.

Could this knowledge help us create harmony? I believe we are in control of ourselves and can choose to reach beyond our experiences. In my mind, our beliefs are a lens and our attitudes are the focus. We can choose what we see, what we perceive and whom we become.

“Man-Made” measures 18’ W x 36” H and is made with hand dyed and commercial cotton fabrics, Textiva, metallic and cotton threads and acrylic paint.

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