Past, Present, Future

While I was working with the fabrics my mother had left behind, I thought about the older generation, my generation and the next generation.

The changing scene

Quiet time for me is going to relax by the sea. What amazes me is the constantly changing scene of the light and how it affects the sea and sky colour. The morning can be bright and sunny blue while the afternoon may bring a shower and the grey. Of course there are compensations for the rain, the best of which is a big, beautiful rainbow!

The Ledges, 1925

The timing of Kate's "Generation" challenge caught me in the midst of reflecting on my family's roots and wading through boxes of family history. I came across this photo again of my mother in her mother's arms with their flock of chickens. I just love this picture. The photo was taken at my great-grandparents' home in 1925 - based on my mother's size, in Prospect, CT. It was known as The Ledges and was also my mother's birthplace. The home was no longer in the family by the time I was born, but I've wandered up the drive and around the property a several times in the past couple of decades. It's interesting to recognize the places from photos of ancestors walking and playing with pets and p

Look Closely and you will Find Beauty

The masterpiece of nature is to do all the details to the extreme. In life, the ubiquitous plants bring joy to people and they are always there. The tender and soft flowers and plants use all colors to remind people the value of life. Finding inspiration gives us a sense of pleasure and hope. I enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Color and Light, or basically Everything

We like to keep the concepts pretty broad, here at Viewpoints 9. That way each artist has freedom to interpret the idea in any number of ways. So... color and light. What does that mean to you? To me, when it comes to art, it means everything. For most of my artistic life I have been obsessed with capturing a sense of light in my work. I love the way light bounces off people and objects, and how different colors of light can create a mood. I'm looking forward to seeing what the other artists do with this challenge. For me, the words seem to be guiding me toward my favorite things.

Colour and Light

When I create art quilts, colour is what I think about first. And light is necessary to see colour – in the dark, there is no colour, as colour is reflected light. Our planet is full of colour which we can see because of the light that bathes it. The inspiration for creating artworks is immense. Colour can be atmospheric, and a landscape can be as beautiful in a grey mist or under a cover of snow, as much as in a bright sunny day or in a beautiful sunset. (Bridlington Beach, Yorkshire, UK). I love the colours in the world around me; the colours of nature and the colours of man-made buildings and objects. (The back of Wells Cathedral is reflected on the pond that holds the wells that give its

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