Dancing in the Light

Taking the liberty of posting Sue's photos of her beautiful response to Colour & Light as she journeys home. She can fill you in on the details when she's back.... . Thanks Martha for posting my photos of Dancing in the Light! I enjoyed creating my rainbow and love seeing how the edges fray and add even more sparkle to the surface. 92cm long x 65cm wide (36in x 25.5in) Sir Isaac Newton was the first to pass light through a prism and witness the rainbow effect of this. Rainbows are seen after a shower when light passes through the water droplets. I love to think of these drops dancing in the light. Materials- cotton, wadding, silk, synthetics, thread, paint, fusible web Techniques- hand paint

India: Traffic

India is, without a doubt, the most colorful place I have ever visited, so filled with rich, saturated colors and complex blends. It was opportune that Alicia's challenge came now timed, making it easy to narrow down my response. But, so many aspects of India were colorful and captivating! I thought the traffic was sort of fascinating. Lots of vehicles were brightly painted with flowers and designs, frequently encouraging you to use your horn. The way it weaved in and out, just missing obstacles, was like a complex dance - that I have to admit, I enjoyed. The every present auto-rickshaw, as they are known locally in Bangalore, rushed people here and there. They were such a part of that lands

2008 MKZ

Based on an image of my car's engine. I lifted the hood and took a photo, then created a composition concentrating only on the parts that were hit directly by sunlight. The colors were chosen purely for fun.

Kakadu Colour

I wasn't even thinking about V9 when I came across a packet of photographs. (Actual printed photos, remember them?) I found a handful filed away from a trip to Australia in 2005. My husband had been sent to Lara, outside Geelong in Victoria, Australia, on business. As Lara is almost within walking distance from our old apartment from the 1990's, I HAD to go with him. Whilst there we took some time off for a road trip, returning to places we'd visited before. David had not actually been to Kakadu previously. While he was hard at work in the old days, I sometimes took off on my own. I was passionate about Australian Aboriginal art and I often packed a bag and headed off to various Abor

My Generation #2: Accountability

Wild sunflower (Helianthus maximiliani) is my favorite. I found it very suitable to describe myself as a wild sunflower after my 20s. Its flowering period is short but brilliant. Most importantly, its freedom makes me envious. I have been trained as a responsible person since I was a child. Little by little, it has become a habit that makes me enjoying my courage of undertaking responsibility and keeping my face to the sunshine. It was around Mother's Day when I was sewing this piece. My mother passed away peacefully in her sleep just before Mother's Day. It’s the law of nature. Her teaching and example made me a responsible person. She always said, “As women, we must redouble our efforts to


I've become obsessed with drawing intricate, repetitive patterns lately- this one looks to me like it's emerging from nowhere... This one was so complicated I had to make it quite large, which meant cutting it in two pieces and joining them together. They were auditioned with some silks that I had recently painted with added texture and paint stick rubbing. I stitched the nonwovens down and let the silk background speak for itself. Many of the shapes were linked by extended pieces of the non woven. Emerging, 36x23"

The Colours of Nature

Colour has always appealed to me, since I was a small child. My quilts reflect this. Inspiration often comes from the colours of nature: flowers, green vegetation, blue skies, sunsets, occasionally even pale mists. Light allows us to see colour. This piece is infused with the colours I see around me this spring and summer, in my garden and in my neighbourhood. The fabric is a digital print made from my own abstract iPad design. It is whole cloth, no piecing involved. I stitched on the lines to emphasize the shapes of the different colours, and filled some of the larger shapes with more quilting. 24” x 36”, cotton satin fabric, my original design digitally printed by Spoonflower, European bra

Color Saturation: India

Flower garlands for special occasions, strung at the Flower Market Of all the places I have traveled, India takes color to a new level. It's everywhere, translated in food and flowers and clothes and celebrations. In every way, it was a privilege to witness life's comings and goings and to share in the warm generosity extended there. The light of early morning as festival decorations are assembled Glorious silks and cottons Colorful cakes and treats featuring lots of fruits and nuts Sidewalk stalls filled with flowers and the wonderful scent of jasmine buds Leggings and scarves in every color Colored powders to use in celebrating Holi - the Hindu Festival of Colors, a welcome for Spring Maki

Spring in Connecticut

It's what I wait for all winter. I so crave light and color I often leave to visit other, warmer areas of the world. Yes, for the heat...but also for the color! I can see why birds migrate. OK, food, I get it. But to grow food you need warmth and light. However, when spring finally does come, I sure don't want to leave. Just to tempt you into coming for a visit, this is part of my garden. Definitely, definitely worth the wait for this Color and Light lover. You are cordially invited!

The Color of Light

When I was younger, I thought light and dark were binary. It wasn’t until I became interested in photography that I learned that light has color. (Perhaps I was distracted during science class?) Living in the South, I have ample opportunity to observe the color of light: the joy of sunrise, sunset and amazing clouds in between. Two of my favorite times to enjoy the light are late afternoon and just after it rains. As the sun sinks low in the sky it creates vibrant orange reflections on buildings and water. After it rains, the light is yellow-green. This effect is enhanced by trees and plants nearby. My mother introduced me to the term “quality of light” and I understood that to mean color, i

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