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My youngest is in middle school, having grown up in the age of the internet. A few nights ago, my family and I attended a school assembly called "Screenagers". The theme of the assembly was digital technology and how it affects our lives.

We enjoy our smart phones, laptops, tablets, digital home assistants (?) and video games, but there are drawbacks to spending so much time looking at screens. One of those drawbacks is the risk of addiction. Constant monitoring of our phones (splitting our attention) actually causes brain fatigue and interferes with our ability to think and learn.

As a parent, it's my job to set limits and help provide a healthy balance for my kids. But who will set MY limits and boundaries? Honestly, when I see someone looking at their phones while driving, 90% of the time it's someone my own age doing it.

As I write this blog post on my laptop, and search for images on my smart phone, I'm fighting to find the balance as well.

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