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Where does "addiction" take me - from Sue's definition: to devote my mind or myself to a pursuit? It would definitely be the ocean, the beach, beachcombing, sea beans, sea glass, sea birds, fish, oh, and what I would give to find a glass fishing float in the wild!

It's interesting being the last one to respond to the prompt...especially this one. I can honestly say that at this point in the challenge - reveal one week away - I have gone through every response that my fellow V9er's have expressed. I have thought about the impact of addictions in my life, like Betty mentioned, and the countless virtues of coffee, like Lisa-Marie. Kate was spot on with Tech Brain, reminding me again, I want to unplug...someday. Hsin-Chen's observing and recording nature is definitely near to my heart and Diane's, too with birds and trees. And, although, I've not shared Alicia's lifelong commitment to politics, recent events have been a reawakening and a call to activism.

This has been an interesting prompt, Sue. It's got me looking differently at all of the things I do habitually, the things I crave, and the things I wish I didn't do...

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