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I'm in wonder of the diversity of life on our living planet...whether it be flora or fauna. As I wondered and wandered about my studio, I focused on botanicals, which were (I'm sure) multiplying quietly in my fabric bins all by themselves....self pollinating, as it were.

I was wrapt with explorations of botanical color, a literal riot of it.

After the rush of exhilaration, it quietly dawned on me that the even more interesting, baffling, poignant and important a wonder might be that of our planet's cultures that have survived eons of changes, deaths, battles, victories, survival and growth. A real wonder.

Also stashed in my studio were hand crocheted butterflies (you really never know what you'll find here) They were a gift from a lovely couple who we hosted on a cultural exchange from Bogata, Columbia some time ago.

This challenge was a real celebration of wonder!

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