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Consider the Kelp

Consider The Kelp

The international news is flooded with images of typhoons and hurricanes churning up water, in some areas going well inland, causing death and destruction. We are all concerned about the welfare of those overwhelmingly effected by the incredible storms...all starting in the oceans.

There also was really good news, most of which was lost, overpowered by these catastrophes. And that good news came from San Francisco, CA on Saturday. The world's largest ocean clean-up project was launched. Likened to "Pac-Man", a system consisting of a giant floating boom will "eat-up" the plastics and trash, holding until another vessel comes to collect it.

It's target is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, between California and Hawaii, reportedly containing almost 2 TRILLION pieces of detritus!

SO, we are considering the kelp.

And hearst goes out to those of you suffering from oceans of stormy waters!

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