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Plastic Oceans

I wonder if fish will still be happy living in the polluted sea. Does the original pure ocean still exist? What does the ever changing sea look like? Are you curious? I try to imagine and depict the changed sea.

The plastic ocean is the result of human beings’ selfish behavior that impacts on ecology and violates the laws of nature. It is obviously a deterioration cycle. Through the circulation of the food chain, humans and all kind of creatures will inadvertently eat plastic particles. Plastic pollution is killing our planet. We suffer the consequences of our actions.

I found plastic oceans or garbage seas in various related reports, the origin of many problems and the speed of deterioration have one thing in common, that is, they all follow a spiral cycle. Interestingly, if we use a graphic to explain the food chain, it also shows a spiral development. As far as we can remember, the movements of our beautiful seas include waves, currents and tides. They rotate and circulate around the world. Hope people have the wisdom to return the problem to the starting point and find a solution. Let's work together to change the earth's ecology and give the sea a happy environment!

Thank you for the prompt, Betty. Thank you Sue for the lovely dyed fabric you gave me in China. I use it in my work.

Materials: brocade, dyed fabrics, cotton prints, gauze, silk, satin, lace

Techniques: 100% hand stitched (pieced, appliquéd, embroidered, quilted)

Size: 36" H x 24" W

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