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Kakadu Colour

Sunny day in Kakadu

I wasn't even thinking about V9 when I came across a packet of photographs. (Actual printed photos, remember them?) I found a handful filed away from a trip to Australia in 2005. My husband had been sent to Lara, outside Geelong in Victoria, Australia, on business. As Lara is almost within walking distance from our old apartment from the 1990's, I HAD to go with him.

Closer View

Whilst there we took some time off for a road trip, returning to places we'd visited before. David had not actually been to Kakadu previously. While he was hard at work in the old days, I sometimes took off on my own. I was passionate about Australian Aboriginal art and I often packed a bag and headed off to various Aboriginal communities looking for connections and understanding. I would be invited by an art director to visit (they probably thought their invitations would never be accepted...but...they didn't know me)

I wanted David to see Kakadu, the magical place I had discovered for myself when I had visited artists' communities in Arnhem Land.

These photographs inspired me. They were good reminders of the time and place....but as to the memories in my head, the photos were severely inadequate. NOT ENOUGH LIGHT AND COLOR! Memories are so much more satisfying.

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