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Late Day Sun

LATE is the operative word here...this is my piece for last months' Colour and Light Challenge. I called it Late Day Sun because the colors are vivid and saturated when the sun is low, late in the day. I've been wanting to try a modern quilt for some time and this is my attempt.

I love how modern quilts are simple and geometric. I also love their typically dense quilting. Another first for me (and possibly last) was the use of a ruler while quilting. I wanted the lines to be straight so I was painstaking about using a ruler and my 1/4" foot. Sometimes I try to mix things up by using traditional tools in my art quilts. And then I remember what I call the prison of precision: the reason I became an art quilter in the first place. Funny how things go round and round.

I used a red felt as batting in the lower portion of this quilt. I wanted to give a nuance of shadow without being overt. I also quilted with a blue gray thread to further tone down the lower part.

"Late Day Sun" is fused applique, free motion quilted with cotton and polyester threads.

It measures 36" L X 24" W

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