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Aura. Goddess of Autumn Breezes

This was an interesting, if not bewildering, word challenge. Most of my sensations about wind relate to feelings rather that imagery. As I read poetry and a couple folktales in an effort to be inspired to create WIND, I shifted to wanting to create an image and story of my own about.

Autumn is my favorite season wherever on the planet I happen to be.

The center figure here is a linocut created by Australian artist Dijanne Cevaal whom I met years ago when I had returned to visit Geelong, Victoria, Australia during the autumn. Dijanne showed me her linocuts printed on her own hand-dyed cotton and I was smitten.

I purchased several from her and shared them with friends. This one is the last....and something I wanted to remind me of Dijanne, Geelong, autumn....

So here she is

Aura, Goddess of autumn breezes, daughter of Boreas, God of the north wind.


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