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My goal for this Viewpoints 18-month cycle is to wander creatively, to go places I haven't been and just let things unfold. It's been an interesting experience with varying successes, but I continue to wander and try new things and have a long list of things I hope to try, eventually.

In the exercise above, I set out on a 100-day challenge to play with the illusion of transparency, making blocks daily - for 49 days (oh, well). These are hand-dyed cottons and commercial print neutrals.

Above are the first 4 blocks - it only took 2 days to decide I wanted the contrasting color to only be 1/4" rather than 1/2".

I had my favorites in the mix....

I liked the black/grey/light grey with maroon contrast strip, so I continued with just three varieties of that block for an additional 50 I guess I pretty much made it. The 1/4" contrast strip got cut further to 1/8".

And then I got distracted by something else and started making these little Stonehenge-y units with natural linen and scraps of a Marcia Derse (❤️❤️❤️) print.

,,,,but wait, there's more. I have lots of wool left over from my last piece that I'd like to use so I felted some spots for a couple days, too.

I'm finding working like this a lot more challenging than doing the things I have mastered and repeated many times. But it's also intriguing to see what comes out of my random ideas and then to try to make them work as something cohesive. Where it is going, I don't know. I'll undoubtedly be as surprised as anyone!


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