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The Gorge

The Gorge

© 2022 Sue Dennis

52cm W x 109cm L [20.5”x 43”]

The Ithaka journey is a universal theme and can be related to actual and imaged obstacles, triumphs and tragedies. After a 2 month journey through the Australian Outback, while considering the Ithaka poem, I decided to draw inspiration from these travels.

On the journey new and old landscapes presented themselves. I viewed them from a refreshed perspective of the Ithaka poem.

The physical landscape of Nitmiluk Gorge in the Northern Territory is a formidable obstacle to any traveller. The indigenous people’s Dreamtime story of the rainbow serpent carving out the gorge, adds to the spiritual and imposing cathedral like atmosphere of the towering rock walls.

Materials: cotton, synthetics, dye, textile ink, batting, various threads

Techniques: hand dyed, hand printed, hand stitched, fabric manipulation, machine applique, machine quilted

These photos give you an idea of the scale of the cliff faces of the gorge.

My construction method was to draw paper templates for the gorge walls. After cutting and pinning, without fusible, they were appliqued in place.

At the water line, fabric was manipulated. pinned and stitched in place.


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