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Weather and Rainbows

The weather is the most popular topic of conversation in England. Not surprising, as the weather here is so variable, and it rains a lot, although it often is just a drizzle. It accounts for the lush vegetation of the island, and also for some of the grumpiness of its inhabitants.

Currently we are enjoying a spell of the most beautiful sunny weather, with temperatures that pleasantly do not go above around 21 degrees Celsius (I’m not versed in Farenheit…)

My favourite bit of weather is when it has been raining (preferably lightly), and the sky becomes clearer, the clouds less heavily grey, and lo and behold! - a rainbow appears in the sky.

I don’t know what it is, but this appearance of the rainbow lifts my spirits and makes me think of music – usually some piece by Mozart. I made a couple of quilts with that inspiration, a long time ago – and I think it’s time I made another one!

Photos taken by myself, some time ago. I'm often driving when I see the rainbow, and I'm not always able to stop to photograph them.

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