They are everywhere!!

I was very intrigued with Lin Hsin-chen's say the least. Immediately I tried to write something intelligent about the use of line in art. But what really happened is that her word got stuck in my mind and I began to hear it everywhere. Quilt line Shoreline Hair line airline sightline fine line fashion line It got worse and worse. I began to be obsessed. (but I guess you can tell that) coastline beeline byline lifeline As I walked down to my studio, I saw afresh the lines all about me in our collection of Australian Art. Wow....They ARE everywhere. If you click on each painting you can read the artists' name and a couple descriptive words. And if you are invested...I'd b

Lines everywhere

Lines are everywhere, if you only look carefully. Lines appeal to me. They can be straight or curved, they may go places, they can portray movement. Lines can be black and white, or colourful. We stitch with lines, we quilt with lines, we write with lines, we draw with lines. Lines have been a feature of my work for many years. Lines make the roads in my maps and also feature in my other quilts. Thank you Hsin Chen for the wonderful word we are going to interpret!

Line Me Up

To me, lines are a vital aspect of design, particularly in the fiber arts. Stitching can create lines, as can the use of different colors and materials. Here, in this detail from Anomaly, there are multiple kinds of lines- shaded blue from stencil work, linear blue from machine stitching, and tonal, broken green lines from hand stitching. Some of the lines define an area, others give it depth, and add texture too. Thanks for giving us something to think about Hsin-Chen!

Rich with Meaning

I read Hsin-Chen’s Line challenge while I was sitting outside enjoying a warm summer day. After reading, my eyes went directly to the palm fronds in front of me. Their fronds are like friendly arms, comprised of hundreds of lines. Then I looked at the trunk, tall and linear, encircled with lines left as the tree grew. I noticed three palms in a row, planted in a line like sentries guarding a castle. The shadows they cast created more lines which contrasted with the pattern of the deck below. I thought of the roots which nourished the tree as it grew; web-like tiny lines reaching and drinking from the soil. What does line represent to me? Nature, nurture, connection, protection, patterns, gro


In January 2017, we had a family travel. Flying from Taipei to Frankfurt, the flight information was shown on the touch-screen. The special line showed me the route of how we leave the Earth’s surface and move to the next city. Though it was just an ordinary image, it gave me lots of ideas and thoughts at the moment. I don’t know why, but after seeing the flight route, I start to see things differently. My viewpoints changed! I am grateful for the trip to Germany! The word for this challenge is Line. Think about the connection and movement of lines, how do you interpret the word? Happy creating to you all!

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