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Colour and Light

When I create art quilts, colour is what I think about first. And light is necessary to see colour – in the dark, there is no colour, as colour is reflected light.

Our planet is full of colour which we can see because of the light that bathes it. The inspiration for creating artworks is immense.

Colour can be atmospheric, and a landscape can be as beautiful in a grey mist or under a cover of snow, as much as in a bright sunny day or in a beautiful sunset. (Bridlington Beach, Yorkshire, UK).

I love the colours in the world around me; the colours of nature and the colours of man-made buildings and objects. (The back of Wells Cathedral is reflected on the pond that holds the wells that give its name to the city of Wells).

Each colour is composed by the light waves reflected by the objects, after they have absorbed some of the other light waves contained within white light. (Wild flowers in my garden this spring)

Light itself in contrast with dark areas can produce the most beautiful effects, whether natural or man-made. (Carnival float in Wells).

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