Sweet Energy

Bees are magical little lives. People only think of honey and flowers. What if one day bees disappear in the universe before we remember their greatness and the sweet energy that they contribute to mankind? Please do something and grow their favorite flowers and plants. Let’s take care of them and feed them! This is a preliminary idea of my 9 works in this cycle. Photo credit: NaturalNews.com


I recently saw a fascinating programme on BBC television about Temperature, which is defined as ‘the hidden energy inside matter’. I learnt a lot of amazing scientific facts, which I was delighted to get to know. Here are some of them: Fire was the first source of heat mankind learnt to control. Wood changes into flames and generates heat: a brief spark starts to release the energy within the wood. Heat propelled the industrial revolution by learning to use steam. When the water and then its vapour are heated, the molecules push outwards and exert pressure. Heat energy is about the movement of molecules: this movement has the power to transform things in many different ways. For example, wh


Spring is coming Spring, when all things revive Last winter was exceptionally cold. I guess I was waiting for spring as much as the winter was cold. Our fifth challenge also began with spring. Members who have spent a long time together........ I am happy to be with you. Warm spring, my family, good friends .... and my works,,,, All of this is energy for me. Thanks Martha.........

Conserving Energy

I deleted the Facebook app off my phone. My eyeball muscles needed a break from all the exasperated eye-rolling and my heart/mind needed a break from all the *cue the frustrated sigh* UGHHH! The first few days were strange... the urge to check my phone for updates... that familiar blue "f" square missing from my phone's screen... wondering if anyone missed me... But the amount of mental energy I wasted on line can (and should) be directed to other things. I'm grateful to be able to keep in touch with friends and family, but a lot of my FB timeline is just a bunch of who-cares, with the occasional click bait to draw people into a fight. Honestly, I don't care what my friends ate for lunch unl

Country Living

When I moved from the big city to the country, nearly 10 years ago, the views around me changed dramatically. Instead of the urban panorama of building after building, occasionally interrupted by the green patch of a square or a park, I found the view had completely reversed, and instead I could see great expanses of green country, with small villages and clusters of farm buildings dotting the landscape. There is repetition in both kinds of ‘scapes – the buildings, the roads, the green areas. The colours and shapes change, but there is a consistent overall pattern in each one. I tried to reflect some of this country landscape - green fields and meadows, clusters of buildings, roads, and sma

Viewpoints 9-5: Living Planet

Happy Birthday Viewpoints 9 (and V9 Artist, Betty Busby)! Today marks the beginning of our 7th year together as Viewpoints 9 and the beginning of our new cycle - Living Planet. Our ever-changing, amazing, powerful, tragic, beautiful world will be the inspiration for the work in our next 9 challenges. Challenges will be selected by each of the V9 artists and will be related to some facet of the Living Planet. As is customary, we have changed dimensions. This cycle all works will be 36" H x 24" W - portrait orientation. We're looking forward to exploring our Living Planet from many different angles and an exciting new cycle. Check back later for our first challenge! ** all images are from Wiki

Hello! Tree Roots

A healthy and vibrant green tree is fully nourished by its growing environment, including sunlight, air, water, and soil. I like to create works with plant themes, but I rarely study the roots. Without healthy development of roots, there will not be healthy trees. This is my understanding of roots after reading and thus I create my first work of tree roots. The word, repetition, is no stranger to me. My everyday life is repeated, so is my creative life. Nevertheless, there is something fresh - I apply “repetition” to what I have been studying recently, the botany courses conducted by the International Society of Arboriculture. In order to thoroughly understand the courses, I feel every piece

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