Family History

I have deep roots in Washington, D.C., despite not ever having lived there. When we were young, my siblings and I had summers with my grandparents in Maryland. Our great-grandparents lived in DC and we spent time there visiting museums and monuments and absorbing the history of our nation’s capital. Their apartment is still in the family and filled with memories of four generations. Years ago, when the apartment was updated, I kept my family’s old books and a few small mementos. I admit to being sentimental and I saved those items because they tied me to a history I never personally knew. In the old days, people left calling cards when they visited someone and found they weren’t there. These

Past generation

I have this 1989 photo of my parents on my desk and see it every time I sit at my laptop. It is a comforting presence as I am now an orphan. So to that past generation that went through the Second World War in Europe and built a new life in Australia I say thank you.

Internet Generation

We are influenced by computer technology, and smartphones have deepened the fascination. Even when we are alone, we cannot live without the internet. The photo shows how my husband and I become happy phubbers. I guess the entire internet generation shares my feelings! Happy creating to you all!


I feel more hopeful and positive thinking about "Generations" than I did when contemplating "irreversibility". Generations implies hope for the future. My husband and I spent this morning in a meeting, writing our wills. Weird. Even though I still feel young, there comes a time when you have to think about passing the torch to the next generation. I thought about what the world might look like for my sons in the next 5 years, 10 years, 50 years. What will the cost of living be? Will they be paying high prices for water? Fresh air? Will they need to relocate to find a more hospitable climate? Or will their generation be living much simpler lives with a smaller carbon footprint? Ironicall

Moon Jar in my mind 2

As the years go by, everything changes. If you go to a museum, you can feel the beauty of the years I go to the museum to face the beauty. When I go to a museum, I often stay in front of the Moon Jar a long time. It seems to be the serenity of the years. I have been trying to express “ Moon Jar” in my mind since last year. I am going to continue this interesting work this year. Size : 36 inch (H) 24 inch(W) Materials : Commercial cotton, Techniques: : Bleached, Raw edge pieced, machine quilted

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