Irreversibility...what the heck?

What are we talking about here? Time? Death? Hoping for something that I could wrap my brain around, I started with its definition. By the time I got embroiled in wiki pages on physics (which BTW I didn't pursue after high school) and thermodynamics, I decided on what I am calling Old Woman's Observations or OWO. Under that heading, let's talk about Climate Change aka global warming. It is almost too late to reverse the effects of global warming. Things that have changed will be VERY difficult, and some impossible, to reverse. Those species that are extinct will not be re-born. Those that are in danger, like the Monarch butterfly, may have a chance of re-invigoration. Those islands

If Only...

Having recently suffered a bicycle accident that left me in the hospital for several weeks, foremost in my mind is the irreversibility of the moment I went over my handlebars. If only I could reverse it all...but I can’t rewind time, I can’t reverse my decision to hit the brakes at that instant and I can’t change the resulting injuries. What I can do, is be grateful it wasn't worse. Beyond my immediate situation, I think of the irreversibility of time, aging, depletion of natural resources, decay. I don’t know why my mind gravitates to irreversible negative things. Perhaps because I believe so strongly in the power of personal choice and our ability to overcome insurmountable obstacles. When

The challenge of irreversibility

When Hsin-Chen proposed this challenge I was stumped. However, now with time to contemplate and with Living Planet being our overriding theme, I have come up with a design to work with. On my coastal walks I often an admiring the vegetation and see the growth from young to older trees or even dead trunks and branches. This is just one manifestation of irreversibility.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones 24"x 36" Even though I was the one who suggested the GEOLOGY challenge I had difficulty in isolating just one idea or inspiration to work on. In the end a walk on the large sandstone boulders, stacked like steeping stones on the shoreline near Shelly Beach decided for me. I like the fact that geology is the foundation that we see or don't see every day. Materials: cotton fabric, wadding, textile paint, threads Techniques: hand painted, hand drawn, machine appliqued, machine quilted


Can't get back to it. The state of natural occurrence, as time goes by and environment changes, it is impossible to return to the past. Think about the word,irreversibility, what’s the story that comes to your mind? When I was sewing this piece of work, I kept asking myself, "Is this me?" It turned out that this is me NOW. Honestly, I can't quite accept the aging process! Perhaps, each of us has an irreversible story to say? Happy creating! Moved Is this me? During a speech, one of the listeners hand painted my portrait. What was the feeling that motivated her to draw? Or, what did I say to inspire her? From the eyes of others, and then through drawing, I see what I look like when delivering

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