Save Earth? That's Pretty Funny

I understand where conservationists and environmentalists are coming from, but I've always found the idea of "we need to save the Earth" to be pretty hilarious not to mention arrogant. Earth doesn't need US. We need IT. There is only a tiny range of temperatures that humans can reasonably live within. We need a lot of water every day and the exact combination of gases to breathe. We're very high maintenance. Earth on the other hand, has existed for billions of years and supported all kinds of life, without any help from humans. It will "survive" just fine whether we're here or not. When people talk about taking care of the Earth, they really mean we need to preserve the delicate balance of c

Family Story

I can remember EXACTLY when my interest in geology was ignited. I was 8 years old when my mother's parents drove from Sutter Co, California to visit our family, newly assigned to Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Work, Texas. I was soon to learn that Grandpa DeWitt was a geologist. He was very pleased by my interest in testing for limestone with household vinegar...oh, and learning about trilobites! After all, we did live on the edge of the Edwards Plateau. I was later to discover more about him: Richard C. DeWitt was the first person from his county to go to university. Personally I think that growing up in a ranching and farming family in Sutter Co. was the reason for his choosing to a

Plastic Oceans

I wonder if fish will still be happy living in the polluted sea. Does the original pure ocean still exist? What does the ever changing sea look like? Are you curious? I try to imagine and depict the changed sea. The plastic ocean is the result of human beings’ selfish behavior that impacts on ecology and violates the laws of nature. It is obviously a deterioration cycle. Through the circulation of the food chain, humans and all kind of creatures will inadvertently eat plastic particles. Plastic pollution is killing our planet. We suffer the consequences of our actions. I found plastic oceans or garbage seas in various related reports, the origin of many problems and the speed of deterioratio

New to Me

I confess I know very little about geology. My forebears studied botany and medicine, so my exposure to science centered on those areas. It wasn’t until I married into an Icelandic family that I became curious. Iceland is one of the youngest countries on the planet. It is incredibly diverse with volcanoes, glaciers, natural hot springs, tremendous waterfalls and molten lava pots alongside beaches, mountains and plains. Supposedly, there is so much geothermal activity, you can bake bread in the ground! I was told the electric company in Iceland only needed a few employees because almost all the homes were heated with radiant heat from the country’s natural hot water. In addition to geothermal

Islands of Paradise

The plastic pollution of the oceans is in our minds every day through the news, television and social media. My first idea was to make a quilt representing plastic pollution, and how it threatens even isolated islands in the Pacific and other oceans. However I felt I needed to construct a more cheerful piece. This quilt tries to portray the feel of the gorgeous islands covered in green tropical vegetation, with beautiful beaches and surrounded by warm waters that are found over the globe in our oceans. That is how they are in my memories of the Seychelles, the only ones I visited. This is not a portrait of the Seychelles, but it tries to convey the idea of a small archipelago with one major

Natural Forces

Geology's a great theme for fiber art, Sue, thank you! We layer and manipulate materials all the time, in a similar way that the forces that shape the Earth do. Our tree trimmers left these awesome saw blades, which I'm using to begin my project- I tucked them into a box with some extra stuff and left it to the rain and sun when I went out of town= stay tuned for more results!

Safe Passage

Originally this piece was going to be named after the two whirling shapes, something like dueling typhoons.........however, given the state of our world at this time, I'm calling it Safe Passage after the little strip of calm blue between the storms. It's a small gesture toward the sea of humanity that is seeking relief from danger in their home countries by navigating a treacherous path to safety. I have been working on developing paint pouring techniques that can be used on cloth. It seems to be a perfect medium to express movement in a fluid, so I used too them here.

Nostalgic sea

The sea is a nostalgia for me like a hometown. The sea when the sun shines, the sea when it rains, the sea when the wind blows, the sea when the snow comes I am thinking of the sea now, I want to see the sea size : 36 inch H) 24 inch (W) Materials : Hand dyed cotton, fusible web, Techniques : Painted, machine pieced, machine quilted


Geology is the foundation of our Earth. We would not have the things we take for granted today without an understanding of geology and the discovery of resources by geologists. Being married to a geologist I get free geology lessons all the time! Imagine no energy, no digital media, no food, no building materials, no bling! I look forward to your interpretation of 'geology' for the Living Planet round.

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