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Conserving Energy

I deleted the Facebook app off my phone. My eyeball muscles needed a break from all the exasperated eye-rolling and my heart/mind needed a break from all the *cue the frustrated sigh* UGHHH!

The first few days were strange... the urge to check my phone for updates... that familiar blue "f" square missing from my phone's screen... wondering if anyone missed me...

But the amount of mental energy I wasted on line can (and should) be directed to other things. I'm grateful to be able to keep in touch with friends and family, but a lot of my FB timeline is just a bunch of who-cares, with the occasional click bait to draw people into a fight.

Honestly, I don't care what my friends ate for lunch unless they were eating lunch with Captain America and Thor. I don't need a "test" to reveal what my family member's favorite color says about their personality, or what kind of dog they would be if they were a dog. I got along fine for years not knowing those things.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure no one is going to miss my own dumb comments or my random "thumbs up" clicks. I'll check in via laptop once a week, occasionally posting an artwork photo, and maybe clicking a like or two. Energy is a limited resource which seems to grow more scarce as I get older. So I'm going to have to institute an austerity policy for the internet.

Just FYI, if I were a dog I would be a slightly overweight Corgi. So in case you wanted to know that, now you do.

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