Moon Jar in my mind

I have been trying to express “ Moon Jar” in my mind since last year. Moon jar is a type of traditional Korean white porcelain which was made during the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1910) The name comes from its shape and milky color of the glaze to resemble the coloration of the moon Behind the moon jar’s apparent simplicity lie complex ideas and philosophy that were prevalent throughout over 500 year history of Joseon period. Happy new year. Everyone Size : 36inch (H) 24inch(W) Materials : cotton, Techniques: : Bleached, machine pieced, machine quilted

Birth of an Island

There are islands....then there are islands. Great Britain, for example, is a continental island, found in shallow seas off of large landmass. Those islands are formed when rising seas cause the separation of a piece of land from the larger continent. Then there are volcanic islands. Those are formed by volcanic activity on the ocean's floor, usually near where two tectonic plates pull apart and lava flows up. Sometimes, it is an undersea volcanic eruption that breaks the surface to form land. Diane Wright, 24"x36", hand-dyed and commercial cottons

Fire and Ice

When I was searching for inspiration for my Geology piece, a good friend suggested the Paint Pots at Yellowstone National Park. I had never heard of these colorful mud pots but the organic shapes and bright colors instantly drew my attention. Paint pots were my starting point for this piece. As I worked, the shapes and textures spoke to me more than the colors. I challenged myself by using silk fabrics on a background of Minky (a soft, synthetic, plush polyester). I’ve used silk as an accent fabric but never as the main element. Here I used silk velvet, dupioni and charmeuse in both reverse and traditional applique. Though I attempted to stabilize the fabrics, they frayed with impunity. The

Wild Life: Wetlands

In 7 years of Viewpoints 9 challenges, this was by far the most difficult one for me to conceive of a piece for! I thought and thought on this one, Sue...I think being married to a geologist was definitely an advantage. I struggled to get beyond rocks and gemstones. But then, I started thinking about how geology and people interact (warning** stream of consciousness follows) and how geology pretty much dictated where people settled and what they did for a vocation. How the things that geology provided, rich soil to grow food, coal to provide energy, a body of water for trade or transportation, dictated how they lived. It was really interesting to pose geology in that fashion. It is interesti

Sediment-al Journey

In viewing layers of sedimentary rock, geologists can gain knowledge about the environment at a specific point in time. In this quilt, the layers represent significant moments in Earth's timeline. The layers are not shown to scale of course. Earth first cooled to solid rock over 4 billion years ago, and it existed as a barren rock for at least another billion years before water began to collect on the surface. The first microscopic signs of life trace back a billion years ago, before the Earth even had an atmosphere. In contrast, the entire length of human existence and all our accomplishments occurred in the last .01% of that time - in just the last 100 thousand years or so. From the bot


Many of my earliest memories came rushing back as I thought about my response to the geography challenge. I was born in Japan, and I can still hear my mother's voice, striving to be calm, as she explained that we would be staying at the neighbor's house because our walls had fallen down in the earthquake. Life was happily tremor free until I moved to southern California, when the Northridge quake of '94 was the final straw precipitating our move to New Mexico. So, the violence that can come from the earth was uppermost in my mind when I prepared the materials- here is some handwoven fabric that I had previously dyed being rusted. It was cut on the bias into narrow strips which were then stit

Forest Fires

Forests are destroyed due to anthropogenic factors and global warming. Originally forests can regulate the greenhouse effect, however, deforestation and forest fires make carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere and forest fires also accelerate carbon emissions. This is a human nightmare. Half of this work is a land that has been burned to ash, and the other half are burning mountains. I pray with needle and thread sadly. As a nature lover, I feel agitated seeing the forest-fire scenes. I could not describe the sadness in my heart. Not only human beings lost their homes but also all the creatures lived in the forests. In the past, forest fires were less frequent, and there was sufficient time

Clues to the Past

Human beings have short memories. But Earth's memory is very long. Geologists can find clues to Earth's past in sedimentary rocks. The layers of material and their chemical components tell us something about the environment at certain times, similar to the way the rings of a tree can indicate periods of drought or heavy rainfall during the tree's lifetime. Relative to the lifetime of planet Earth, our human existence has been like the blink of an eye. We have barely lived long enough to create a thin sedimentary layer for future scientists to study. What would that layer consist of anyway? Plastic, cell phone components, coffee pods? When we're gone, what will be left and what will those

Space and time

A geologist friend of mine told me once that when geologists look at the features of the world around them - natural or man-made - they are acutely aware that things exist not only in the three dimensions of space, but also in the fourth dimension of time. This image illustrates her point precisely, and it has also made me realise how close we are to another mass extinction - which may well include that of mankind.


When I saw Sue's challenge, I remembered what I had heard before. “We all come from the ground and return to the ground” Since then I have been in this thought. Because I moved to a small house that was only half of my old house, I thought I had too many things I did not really need. I’ve really thrown away a lot. A few day later, the new year of 2019 will come. Now I am finishing this year and think about what to do next year. What will be waiting for me next year? The day you spent in vain today is the tomorrow that those who died yesterday wanted desperately. It is my favorite words. The time I spent with you is so pricious. Happy new year. Everyone See you next year in viewpoints9.

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