Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise 2018 was the fourth hottest year on record. One of the results of this phenomenon is that the melted icecaps produce enough water that the oceans rose and warmed up dramatically. This warming results in changes in ocean temperatures…which then causes intense extreme-weather events. These include hurricanes, floods, droughts and wildfires. According to scientists, 2018 was the first time on record when wildfires exceeded average hurricane costs in the US. It doesn’t take long before we also wonder about all that extra water. Where does it go? UP! If one looks at a global map, one will notice that most trade and manufacturing centers throughout time have grown on the edges

Urban Decay

My husband is a huge car fan and I often get drafted into watching automobile programs on TV. A few weeks ago, we were watching a show filmed in Detroit: the birthplace of the automotive industry. The show’s drivers raced and did stunts throughout the city, including inside several abandoned buildings. The buildings shown included an historic theater, a giant manufacturing facility and an old strip mall. The theater had stunning architecture with soaring windows and gilded frescoes still on the ceiling. The factory was so big you could use it as a racetrack; a testament to booming economies and abundance of steel. The strip mall was old and sad. All of these buildings were dilapidated beyon

Cut Out of the Picture

You can't un-cut a quilt. I use the holes in this quilt to represent extinct species. They leave an empty space in the ecosystem, which cannot be fixed. Other species are in danger of disappearing (represented by the black fabric shapes). Their absence causes a ripple effect, changing the lives of other animals, plants and people as well. Technical details: Hand-dyed and commercial fabric, black acrylic tulle (sewn into the cutout shapes) Hand-guided machine quilting Raw edge applique Finished size 36x24 in

Driving Thoughts

This beautiful artwork features textiles and the english countryside.

The Vanishing

The first thing that leapt to mind when thinking about irreversibility was the havoc that climate change is wreaking on our vulnerable wetlands. Areas that were teeming with all forms of life just a few years ago have been subjected to new extremes of weather and temperature, and now contain a fraction of the flora and fauna that formerly made their homes there. I began this project with a piece of silk that I had printed in very subtle colors- It was stitched around the shaded areas to accentuate the appearance of an aerial view of a lifeless swamp. after stitching, I applied layers of color over the stitching lines. straight lines of quilting were used in the outer areas to like dry cracke

Coastal Erosion

Sea level has been rising due toclimate change. Taiwan, surrounded by the sea, is shrinkingbecause ofcoastal erosion. The hollow rock is a serious threat to the ecological environment. The earth is getting old and climate change has accelerated the aging of the earth. This is an irreversible fact. I am sending blessings to our Earth with the work. We only care about human aging, how about the aging of the earth? Since the effect of climate deterioration is wide-ranging, not only humans, but also the earth has to be saved. No one wants to be a climate refugee. No one wants to get older, and no one wants the earth's resources to run out. The definition of health is no longer a personal issue.


91.5cm long x 60cm wide (36in x 23.5in) The irreversible march of time is like the flow of a river. A river begins with a drop at the source and grows with time to envelop many sounds, sights and human activity on its way to a lake or sea. And so our lives also flow and we gather family, friends, experiences and wisdom on the way. It is an irreversible process. Materials- cotton, wadding, silk, synthetics, thread, paint, fusible web Techniques- hand painted, machine appliqued, machine quilted

Flowing Forward

Hello, I am Mary Mattimoe. I am here as a guest artist for Alicia Merrett. The unfolding of my life story is irreversible. I move every few years for my spouse’s job. Each move introduces a new world. Currently, we live in England. I know the Mary who lives in England now can return to New Mexico, but will be irreversibly different than the Mary who last lived there. At each place, I notice how the landscape shapes my thoughts; the colors seep into my memories, and the light shows in my art. I notice the irreversible change and growth in myself most of all with travel and trips home from my new location.

Many choices

We make many choices in our lives. A good choice or a regretful choice...... An irrevocable past I am made up of many choices of the past In the future I will also be made of many of the choices I have made today. A picture taken with students after hanging the works in the gallery. This is who I am today.

a long goodbye...

When I was born, my brother Lincoln was not quite 2, so I'm sure he felt I was a bit of an intruder....can't help that. We weren't particularly friendly as young children and he and my oldest brother got a lot of mileage out of taunting me and watching me come unglued....which my mother always assured me was done because the loved me :( Time passed, we all grew up in spite of it and by the time we were teenagers, Linc and I were good friends. I dated his friends, he dated mine....wreckless and rebellious, we became partners in crime. He went off and started his life, I went off and started mine. Jobs, marriages, kids came hurling at us and we stayed in touch less frequently. We checked in.

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