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Home is where the squares are

I was slightly disheartened by this first challenge of our new cycle, the image of dozens and dozens of artworks featuring little cute houses jumped to mind.

I certainly don't need to add another one of those to the pile- however- face palm! I did an entire huge piece called Home on the Reef featuring sea creatures and their chosen habitats.

here's a detail with the clownfishes in their anemone condo.

So, why was it fun to make that and I was cringing about another interpretation?

Maybe, I guess, it's because the majority of animal homes are constructed organically, instead of the angular boxes that us humans, especially in the Western Hemisphere, tend to live in.

I decided to look at this issue head on, and instead of making something with the swooping curves that I'm usually attracted to, I plan to make a piece with hard edges and angles.

stay tuned!

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