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All Aboard....

Over the last few years I've had a couple of really exciting travel opportunities along with our Viewpoints 9 exhibitions - 2 that immediately come to mind are the European Patchwork Meeting in France and TIQE in Taiwan. Like other things in my life, they appeared on my calendar as spots on some distant horizon that seemed like the would never come, but they did, and a new horizon stretches on. Like a train, my life moves slowly (and sometimes quickly) through time toward that distant horizon.....

It passes through pastoral, familiar landscapes, almost imperceivably moving toward that horizon at times. I have to remind myself I have deadlines to meet.

It passes through the unfamiliar, heightening my awareness to all of the opportunities that surround (and distract) me.

It passes through the foreign, which inspires me and encourages me on in my journey - to seek out new places, new experiences.

It surprises me - when even my own familiar surroundings present themselves in new, exciting ways. The train keeps moving, the horizon gets closer, and then I am there and a new horizon stretches on ahead.

Small comforts.... I occasionally stopped for coffee at a bakery named Emily's on my way to work at UC Santa Cruz. I always loved their awning, making me mindful, even when I was running late. Seems there's always another train if you miss one.

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