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Dear Trees

Trees are not only one of the oldest living species on earth, but also the largest number of earth citizens. For a long time, trees have been protecting human beings and maintaining ecological balance.

Dear trees, are you alright? Please forgive the selfish mankind, who lacks respect for nature, destructs the environment excessively, worsens climate change, and causes constant natural disasters. Dear trees, what can we do to go through these adversities and restore nature's balance?

“Save the Environment” was the theme of the international exhibition that I curated in 2016. My husband asked, “As an architect, what can I do?” I replied, “Strengthen our knowledge so that we could do something for nature!” As a result, we are now both studying the professional tree care course conducted by ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). If lucky enough, we can get the certificates and work for nature. We share the dream, an imaginary possibility, even though it is very much like an impossible mission. Best wishes to our Earth. Best wishes to you all.

Materials: dyed fabrics, chiffon, commercial cottons, Romanian thread, gauze

Techniques: hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted, hand embroidered

Size: 18” x 36”

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