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Addiction vs Passion

I thought I had this challenged nailed. Unthinkingly I charged into my studio, intellectually (or so I thought) describing to myself my addictions; let's see, there are trees, leaves, birds, mid-century modern style, all things about Australian Aboriginal art. It wasn't long before I had pieced the background and completely hand-quilted it. It was complex. It had texture. But there was something missing. (a quick pic was posted Dec 13)

THEN, standing back, musing over my next steps as it hung on my design wall, it hit me! It was ALL wrong! These are passions....not addictions. There is a difference. I can live without real trees. I don't like to ,but, I have lived in places the don't have real trees (fyi palm trees are grasses, not trees)

My real addiction is very clear: COLOR

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