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Magic Beans

We vacationed in Hawaii years ago and found a local coffee roaster that shipped their coffee to the mainland US. We happily signed up for monthly mailings to indulge our addiction to fine coffee. When this challenge was announced I was certain I would make something coffee related but wasn’t sure whether I would make a tree or berry or bean.

I decided to depict beans since I love opening our monthly shipment and smelling the marvelous scent. Receiving the beans is something of a ritual, an event I look forward to. With our last shipment our postal carrier told my husband that he was suffering all day because he could smell our luscious coffee delivery but not taste it. I guess we’re not the only ones who are addicted!

“Magic Beans” is made using freeform raw edge applique and commercial fabrics. It is quilted using polyester and cotton threads. 36” H X 18” long.

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