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Raw Energy

The topic of energy and Living Planet as the focus for the 9 challenges we are to complete, has captured my imagination and pushed me to explore a new technique. I am going to use colour and texture as much as possible in each challenge.

The raw energy of the sun is vital to all life on planet Earth. Photos of the sun show a glowing, moving mass of solar energy and it was this colour and dynamic that I have tried to capture in my quilt Raw Energy.

The black background is painted wadding, something I have used before in my work. Using torn strips of synthetic and silk I was able to add the texture I needed to bring my sun to life. Using the strips in this way is new for me.

Size- 24"wide x 36"long

Materials- cotton, wadding, silk, synthetics, thread, paint, fusible stabiliser.

Techniques- hand painting, machine applique, machine quilting.

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