Organized Chaos

At present the world and natural environment are like a bunch of threads that has been messed up. There are no clues. Disordered disturbances come from all directions. Perhaps only the senior people who have enjoyed a peaceful and comfortable life would be unaccustomed to it! Imagining the natural world is initiating its "Life Energy" to adapt to the ever changing world, let's change ourselves too!

Recently, I don't like to watch news. I feel like I am deviating from my habits. There are too many new ideas that I am not familiar with or different that the world I used to know. I feel challenged. If it means that I fail to keep up with social development, I am fine. I just want to stay calm and give myself space and time to reflect and adjust my adaptability. I don't want to rely on my old self. Hope I can have such energy. I bravely express my unaccustomedness with the work. Thank you for the prompt, Martha!

Materials: polyester, commercial cotton prints, linen, chiffon, silk, woolen yarn, Romanian thread, beads

Techniques: 100% hand stitched (pieced, appliquéd, quilted, embroidered); the wool is transplanted into fabrics.

Size: 36" H x 24" W

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