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Many of my earliest memories came rushing back as I thought about my response to the geography challenge.

I was born in Japan, and I can still hear my mother's voice, striving to be calm, as she explained that we would be staying at the neighbor's house because our walls had fallen down in the earthquake.

Life was happily tremor free until I moved to southern California, when the Northridge quake of '94 was the final straw precipitating our move to New Mexico.

So, the violence that can come from the earth was uppermost in my mind when I prepared the materials- here is some handwoven fabric that I had previously dyed being rusted.

It was cut on the bias into narrow strips which were then stitched to felt, and pieced together with frayed raw silk.

These were layered over some brilliant blue dupioni covered with cotton gauze. I deliberately frayed the edges of the gauze to add to the feeling of forces tearing the bedrock apart.

final detail, Tectonic.

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