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Talking About My Generation

Hello, I am Mary Mattimoe.

I am here as a guest artist for Alicia Merrett.

Air of Mystery by Mary Mattimoe

Erin Rose by Many Names started in 2014. At this time, my sister, Erin, and I had drifted apart in our journeys, which was heartbreaking for me.

There is no one on earth I love more than my younger sister. She has provided me an incredible mirror to view my own life, while being her own delightful person. We grew up as ‘the little girls’ both resenting and thriving through our union.

Since that first piece, Sugar Rosa, each year in December I have designed a portrait summary of how I have seen our story grow and change. Each of my interpretations starts as a selfie taken by Erin. She sends them to me throughout the year, knowing and perhaps guessing which will catch my eye as THE selfie of the year.

This piece is for 2017, Air of Mystery.

detail of Air of Mystery

Cotton, Gold Lamé, Gold Mylar Thread, Embroidery Rayon Thread.

For Air of Mystery, I had the selfie printed on to fabric by Spoonflower. I *carefully* sewed the gold lamé using gold mylar thread and quilted it just right.

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